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imgAChristina Hoppner is a licensed Baby Sign Language instructor with the award winning My Smart Hands program created by teacher and author Laura Berg.  Based in San Jose, California, she is determined to teach the world sign language one baby at a time.

Her interest in American Sign Language began in middle school when an instructor came to her class to teach the ASL alphabet. She was fascinated by the fact that you could speak using only hands and how easily she remembered each letter. Years later, after her daughter was born her interest in ASL turned to a passion for learning and teaching baby sign language.

Aside from teaching baby sign language; her biggest joy is her family. Christina holds a Bachelors degree in photography and is the owner of Teeny Tiny Moments Newborn Photography. She also holds certificate in make up artistry. In her free time she can be found gardening, crafting, and reading. She also enjoys donating to various organizations.

To begin the amazing journey of learning and teaching your child to sign please contact Christina to enroll in the upcoming course or schedule private classes.

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